Anal Sex

Anal sex Myths

Anal sex Myths

Anal sex myths

Check  our this top 10  anal sex myths .

1. ‘If you do, you’re gay’ (in men)

Sexual behavior has nothing to do with sexual orientation. A heterosexual person can have sex with people of the same sex and not be homosexual; Or vice versa, a homosexual person may have sex with people of the opposite sex and not be considered heterosexual.

2. Anal sex is like in porn movies

Anal sex in porn movies is the easiest thing in the world. Just as the actress comes on stage with the year without dilating, the huge penis of his cast partner will enter without any difficulty. Regarding this, I have a question to ask, do you really think that Superman really flies? Well, you know another Anal sex myths.

3. If they wanted, all men would enjoy anal sexanal sex myths

Just as not all women enjoy masturbation, oral sex, penetration or any other practice, men do not have to enjoy by force because it is often said that having the ‘prostate’ nearby (or the known point ‘ P ‘), if stimulated, you will get pleasure. Every body and every motivation to perform erotic encounters is a world. For example, there are women who do not enjoy any sexual stimulation because they have an emotional barrier that prevents them from enjoying. Therefore, it should be noted that the limitations are not always something at the physical level and that sex is not an anatomical or genital issue.

4. Anal sex interests men more than women.

Affirming this belief is like admitting that all women like pink and all men are blue.

5. You should like Anal sex

You should not like it by force because you have been told that it is pleasant or “you have not done well“, just as you would not like any other sexual practice. this is of course a common Anal sex Myths of .

6. Women do not reach orgasm with anal sex

There are many women who confess to having had the most intense orgasm of their life while practicing anal sex. The anus has numerous nerve endings that can be stimulated during penetration, helping, as in this case, to intensify the orgasm. That ‘can’ does not mean that ‘ought’.

7. Anal sex is dirty

It is normal to think that, because the anus is an outlet for excrement, anal sex is something dirty. However, this is not so. In fact, if you go to the bathroom every day, it is very likely that the rectum will be clean. Just washing the anus (not the rectum) with a little water and soap would be left. There are those who do anal showers, but this is not recommended if you do not want to be going to the bathroom every two for three.

On the other hand, attention must be paid to the danger of having vaginal sex after anal intercourse without proper intimate hygiene, since it can cause vaginal infections, given the incompatibility of bacteria in the rectum with those in the vagina. vagina. It is best to wash the area ‘after’ and use a different condom.

8. Anal sex hurts

Many people who perform their first anal penetration to know what they feel or out of curiosity, and this is one of the Myths of anal sex, do it incorrectly for misinformation and inexperience, so it is often painful and do not want to try again. What they do not know is that anal sex does not have to hurt if it is performed correctly: with patience, silicone lubricant and stimulating other pleasurable areas such as the clitoris (in case of being female) or the penis (in case Of being a man).

We are accustomed to a penetration is fast and lubricated because we take as an example vaginal penetration, whose duct naturally dilates and lubricates, without having to force the entrance of the penis or sex toy. However, when we go on to perform anal sex with the same methodology, it rarely works, and is that the anus does not lubricate or dilate for things to enter if not to leave. The operation is very different. What’s more, if anal sex has never been performed, it is normal that as soon as you try to stimulate the anus, it will close automatically preventing the total passage of anything that you want to get inside. That is why the approach must be much slower and more progressive.

Also keep in mind that the rectum is a muscle that is contracted in order to contain the fecal package before expelling it. Therefore, if we have not been to the toilet in a long time, the rectum remains contracted and the penetration is painful, another  anal sex Myths.

You can stimulate the anus with caresses, with the tongue, with the penis or with toys thought for the anal penetration: dildos, plugs, anal, dilators, Thai balls, etc.

9. If in a relationship there is anal sex, it is because the spouses do not love each other

There are people who, as we said before, in addition to considering ‘dirty’ practice, do not have normalized because they do not consider it ‘natural’ but a vice. With this they refer to that it only serves to obtain pleasure and not to procreate and to have children, so it does not belong to the set of practices carried out by the romantic idea of ​​heterosexual pair that is loved, whose objective is to form a family , Be happy and eat partridges. Obviously this idea is irrational because, for example, oral sex is not a practice that serves to procreate and is standardized as part of romantic sex.

10. It makes you submissive

It is true that the posture to perform oral sex leaves you totally at the mercy of the couple, however this does not imply that you are less than her or that you are willing to do anything. Any sexual practice has to be agreed upon by the participants.

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