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20 Anal Sex positions that you have to check!

While you probably already know that back-door entry during sex stimulates super-sensitive nerve endings, but check this amazing anal sex positions, you might not enjoy the butt stuff as much because there’s not much for you to do but let him hammer away. Luckily, the doggy-style take-it-from-behind position isn’t your only option for anal sex, says sexologist and relationship expert Carlen Costa, Ph.D.


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Crossing is another great stance for anal sex. It is a variation of the previous posture but just as effective for pleasure. In this case you should lie face down and open your legs but instead of putting one on the boy's shoulder, leave it folded close to your body. If you like to feel that he takes the reins, this posture will enchant you.



Anal sex is a great taboo for many women, but if you have confidence with your partner and want to try new ways to have fun in bed using this anal sex positions, you can find in this practice a great reef. If you are a beginner who begins to be interested in it, you should know that there are many more movements than the classic doggy posture. In fact, that’s one of the least pleasurable and comfortable when you start practicing anal sex. anal sex positions

To discover the best positions and advice and give free rein to this fantasy, we have talked with the expert in sex and relationships Cate Campbell, who explains that before you start to practice it, you have to keep in mind that this is a game totally different from coitus , And therefore requires more dedication, preparation … And lubricant.

“Exploring the anal area prior to penetration is very important for both parties to be relaxed and find out how the body responds to this stimulation,” explains Campbell. “Begin with massages and preliminary games and discover the area with your fingers (always short nails!), Tongue or sex toys before going to penetration.”

Once you feel ready and convinced that you feel like doing it, try one of these 20 postures to practice anal sex and expand your sexual repertoire … Start to cross out postures from the list!


Check this anal sex positions

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