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Ass Play

To talk with those of you that are prepared to add a tiny ass play fucking to your sexual activity, if you and your spouse so desire. There are numerous things which are crucial in order for one to acquire the most pleasure and enjoyment from this specific sex act, in addition to keeping it safe and healthy for you.

After all, most of us know that the asshole is the least sanitary portion of the body, being it is, literally, the route where all the waste out of our bodies moves on to its final dumping ground!!! I highly recommend that both partners are squeaky clean before beginning, by bathing or showering before engaging in this activity. Using a condom is absolutely necessary, unless you’re the one and only real sex partner with your lover — even then it isn’t a bad idea to use one. Complete bathing and washing of the genitals of both people AFTER the action is finished is much more important. NEVER NEVER NEVER participate in any other sex acts, after having anal intercourse, without having fully cleansed your sex organs !!! I cannot stress how really simple it is for you to get some type of infection should youn’t do so, especially for you gals, OK???

Once you’re spanking clean and ready to start your ass play session, there are two components which, when combined, will highly contribute to your relaxation, enjoyment and pleasure of the act. They’re RELAXATION and LUBRICATION. To me, those are the secrets which will make participating in anal intercourse a near-euphoric experience for the both of you! If one of these elements is missing , BOTH partners will be missing out on sharing what could be among the most intensely erotic and exciting ways of making love to one another. Therefore, more than only a tiny bit of your normal sex foreplay is vital.

I find that starting your session out by giving your lady a beautiful, long sensual massage is a fantastic way to accomplish both a state of being completely relaxed and being well lubricated at precisely the identical time. The man should use gentle touching, kissing, licking, sucking and even a tiny bit of nibbling to excite his gal in any and all her erogenous zones, focusing on the general area of her pussy mound and buttocks.

I strongly suggest keeping a tube of great, old-fashioned KY Jelly handy, and don’t be afraid to use it if your lady isn’t prone to natural lubrication. There are lots of varieties of anal lubricants on the market specially created for ass play. But I don’t recommend them, because they have a desensitizer known as lidocaine, which divides the nerve endings a bit for the two spouses –and feeling all the fully pleasurable sensations that come from using a hard cock up my bum is exactly what is it all about, as far as I am concerned!!!ass play

He took his time and lasted touching me in that way for thirty minutes or longer. Really, I was so relaxed and ready for him to fuck my ass, I was unaware that he’d ceased finger-fucking me there and inserted his hard-as-steel pole!!! I was lying there in a state of bliss with my eyes closed for quite a while when — to my amazement — I looked up to find that he was fucking my ass with his cock, and I had no clue how long he’d really been inside of me!

Another important element for the best sort of anal sex experience is, of course, BODY POSITIONS. And just like every sex act, there are a large number of those, many of which are merely a matter of personal taste and choice. With most people, the great, old-fashioned doggy style position likely comes to mind first, when thinking about anal sex. My sense is that you should experiment and try a whole lot of different positions until you find one or more that suit you both for relaxation and in obtaining the most sexual satisfaction you’ll be able to garner from it.

This is one that my fan and that I discovered to be an Excellent way to make love when we are engaging in — what I call — our ASS PLAY:

With slow, smooth strides, he takes every one of my toes in his hands, one at a time, and licking and massaging my feet a bit, he lifts my legs higher, putting one foot over every of his shoulders, until my ass has in fact been hoisted up off the mattress, which makes me look somewhat like a wheelbarrow!!! This puts my bum in a excellent place for him to fit his hardness into my asshole ever so slowly and ever so softly — in a downward movement — in a totally perfect angle.

Following his stiff-as-steel penis has worked all the way inside my asshole, he’ll start fucking me just a bit harder and deeper with every thrust. But exceptionally heavy and hard pumping out — as is sometimes enjoyable for pussy fucking — isn’t suggested for fucking up the ass, nor can it be necessary to achieve an orgasm. Since the typical asshole is usually much tighter than the standard grab, a man will often orgasm quicker and more easily when he’s fucking in this fashion. And that sort of hard, heavy pressure could prove to be painful for the woman, in addition to being detrimental to that ever-so-sensitive region of her body.

So my men, if you wish to fuck your woman in this unique and frequently- thought-of-as-forbidden manner; and my gals, if you’re prepared to experience a surprisingly erotic and pleasurable way of making love to your man — keep these words in your head before you start: CLEAN, COMFORTABLE, RELAXED, and WET!!! And above all , don’t forget to enjoy yourselves to the extreme, and have a good deal of pleasure in doing it!!!

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