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Anal sex tips: how to make a Greek and enjoy much in the attempt

Anal sex is to sex what dead languages ​​to culture. The more knowledge of the former anal sex tips, the greater the use of the latter. Moreover, in the sexual field, the exploration of the erotic classics has to be more exhaustive. To be clearer, if you want to know Latin you will have to master Greek. At first, you’ll find the classic assumptions and myths about the Hellenic sex: it’s not nice for them, men act like they’re filming porn movies, everyone does it except you, there’s no such thing as anal orgasm, etc.
Although having anal sex can become an Odyssey, it should be made clear that, after all, it is one more way … to fuck. And it is that the facticity of those myths shows that people do not talk enough about anal pleasure. We speak? Keep reading…
Anal sex
As part of a couple relationship or even as sporadic and spicy encounter, anal sex has much to offer. Not to mention that the taboo nature of the Greek is, at the time, part of its appeal.There are only two barriers to overcome. On the one hand, it’s about knowing how to do it on your first time. And, on the other, is to make anal sex as enjoyable and fun as possible.

Introduction to Greek: the receptor (“Δέκτης”) of anal sex tips

When you decide that you want anal sex, you have to control it from start to finish. To begin with, that means you need to make it clear that you want it, since your partner might be too insecure to do so without explicit consent. But how to say it ?:
Probably the simplest way to tell you that you do not want a conventional reception is … in short, tell him that you want to … play through the back door? (Note: many men are not very good at picking up hints or reading the subtleties of body language so if your partner is male, tell him directly and explicitly that you want that: anal sex).
The best results can come if you express – manifestly – that you want an anal penetration while you are having sex. Your partner will probably see the gates of heaven open at the best of times.

Another way is to send him an SMS or an email in which you let him know your intentions in advance. However, this has two drawbacks: one is that, when the time comes, you no longer feel like doing it; Another is that your partner thinks that’s all you want, and disregard the rest of your sexual expectations.
A sexier approach to tell her that you want anal sex tips is … do not tell her! Your partner will go crazy if you let him watch you playing with a small vibrator or an anal plug. You will surely get what you want … where you want it.anal sex tips

Introduction to Greek: the giver (“Δωρητής”) of anal sex tips

Yes, you will feel pain even if only for a moment. But can you make it nice? The answer is also “yes”, but you need to approach it with sensitivity:
If you have not started it, you have not made it clear that you want to have it or if you are not sure if it has given you the green light, you need to confirm before trying. Conversely, it may be a long time before you can restore trust.
As in the case of the recipient, there are many options available to get started on anal sex: tell them directly while you have sex or during preliminaries, in advance via email or whatsapp, show him what you want by putting a little more attention to his ass during the Heating, etc.

In addition, if you are the giver, you have a slightly more adventurous way to learn the declinations in Greek: find a nice position – we suggest a kind of posture spoon, side and with your back on your chest. This way, you can hug your partner and make him feel that there is something vibrating back there. Quickly, you will know if everything is going well, without having to bother the moment.
But, remember there are no shortcuts. You can not lose sight of the fact that there is nothing better than a good and sincere conversation of the bedroom … and that, to be called cochinadas, always counts as the best kind of conversation that can be had in these cases.

BDSM for Beginners – Sex

It is true that there are occasions when, without a clear intention, a couple can have the most amazing anal sex ever dreamed of. And there are times when two people have a beer, return to the apartment and … bam! His performance becomes an ode to the gods of ancient Greece, who could be envied by Zeus himself.

Remember that the receiver has to have under control everything related to anal sex: fundamentally, speed and depth. For its part, the donor will have to listen, to prevent it from becoming something unpleasant and painful; Rebuilding trust after a disastrous first time is, at best, a slow and frustrating process.
For nothing bad to happen, we offer you three anal sex tips with which safe anal sex will become something very desirable:

Tip # 1: Moisturizer.

You’ve probably already been told that a high quality intimate lubricant is essential for anal sex. In fact, the more, the better. Apply both moisturizer and to catch a manatee in a fish tank, and then put a little more. The more you lubricate, the more pleasant it will be for both. It’s as simple as that, but you can add a little style so it does not look like the doctor’s appointment is happening … Do not you know what I mean? Turn on some candles, put on music, give him a massage, and then use lubricant!

Tip # 2: Condoms.

Condoms are great for anal sex, and not just because they provide safety from infections. Condoms are also better for anal because they slide more easily, and as a consequence are more enjoyable for the recipient. And, in their case, they help men to prevent orgasm … too much proooonto.
Do you think using a condom will turn off the heat of the moment? We disagre. Check out this article: The 5 sexiest ways to put a condom on your partner.

Tip # 3: Toys to have anal sex.

Some toys like anal plugs or prostate massagers can ease the transition to anal sex: by using progressively larger vibrators during foreplay, you’ll find it much easier to know when your partner should come into play. At that time, try to stimulate your clitoris or your penis (clitoral massagers and masturbation cups are very comfortable in this section), while you are having sex: you will double the intensity of the sensations and you will build the ideal stage to have an orgasm total.

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